January 19-21, 2024
Sheridan College HMC Campus
January 19-21, 2024
Sheridan College HMC Campus


January 19-21, 2024
Sheridan College HMC Campus
January 19-21, 2024
Sheridan College HMC Campus




Hackville is Sheridan’s flagship 36-hour hackathon, where students from different fields in GTA come together to create innovative software solutions. Our mission is to give the future generation of leaders opportunities to explore, collaborate, and jumpstart their careers. Join us for a great time with amazing prizes, networking opportunities, and a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience!

Truly beginner-friendly

New to hackathons and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! We have all the resources for you to get started in the tech industry and beyond.

A safe space for you to explore

This hackathon was built by students just like you, who were looking for an inclusive and empowering place to challenge themselves and innovate.

Collaboration like no other

Make lifelong friends with other students also passionate about tech! As they say, teamwork makes the dream work.


Last year we had some amazing stuff happen

20+ Projects
100+ Hackers
$1k Prizes


We had over 100 hackers last year from all backgrounds — you’re sure to meet like-minded students and form lifelong friendships.


We've seen incredible stuff over the years: offline AI chatrooms, mind-reading hardware, and more. Infinite potential awaits you!


Last year, we gave away more than 1K in prizes –this year double the fun awaits our hackers!

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Make Connections

We had over 100 hackers last year from all backgrounds — you’re sure to meet like-minded students and form lifelong friendships.

Build something cool

With exciting challenges to inspire you, the possibilities are endless.

Win amazing prizes

Last year, we gave away more than $10,000 in prizes — and we have lots to give away this year!
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Day 1

Opening Ceremony
Workshops & Events

Day 2

Ideation and Building
Workshops & Events
Check in with Mentors

Day 3

Closing Ceremony


Thank you to our sponsors for the support!

Frequently Asked Questions

what is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a sprint-like event where innovators and inventors, usually students, can come together to solve real-world challenges using technology.

WheN and where is the event?

The event is scheduled to be on January 19-21, 2024. Hosted at Sheridan College's Hazel McCallion Campus (HMC) near Square One.

How much does it cost to attend Hackville?

Applying and attending Hackville is completely free⁠—yes $0! We aim to make our hackathon as accessible as possible and you’ll get access to mentors, workshops, and prizes at no extra cost.

Will Hackville be in-person or virtual?

Hackville 2024 will be a fully in-person hackathon, hosted at Sheridan College. This year we will not be offering attendees to join remotely, as we’re striving hard to build the best hackathon experience possible with genuine connections and awesome prizes!

When do hacker applications open?

Applications are open. Apply now! Join our waiting list to be the first to be notified when applications are open!

How do I apply?

Applications are open! Please sign up here.

What if I’ve never been to a hackathon before?

No problem! That’s the best reason to join us and try something new, as Hackville recruits people of all skill levels and experiences. We also have workshops, mentors, and other resources to support you during the event!

What kind of events will there be?

We’re planning on organizing a wide range of workshops so that hackers can get the most out of the event! Look forward to sessions including mentorship, workshops, and more.

How do teams work?

Form a team of up to 4 people during the event! You can form a team beforehand or find a team during the event for a true hackathon experience. We’ll be hosting a team-building session for those that are looking for teammates as well.

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes! We require all hackers to abide by the MLH code of conduct.

Can I submit a project I’ve already worked on?

No, this is strictly prohibited and you will be disqualified if a submitted project was worked on before the hackathon. All coding and design work must be done during the event.

What if I still have questions?

No worries, please e-mail us at and we will be more than happy to answer your question!

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